About Us

Epsilon Electronics is the parent company of Farenheit Technologies and is celebrating 26 years of excellence. Since the beginning we have had one guiding principal... the want to be the most innovative and best engineered video product in the market place. Product reliability and customer satisfaction is the foundation our company has been built on. Our success with this approach has propelled our image even further than our unique American engineering and designs could ever have. Today our in-dash DVD players and ceiling mount combos are known for their superior quality. All other manufacturers are being measured by our current standards. It doesn't matter if you're purchasing audio or video product for the car we have the best built solution as recognized by many customers who left us at one point for price considerations only to return due to quality issues. Take a look at the long list of exciting new items in this year's catalog, including our new Navigation Systems with Navteq mapping software (US & Canada), a 433mHz processor for blazing fast recalculation times and Linux based software platform which renders simplicity of function and user interface.